Valentine’s Day Specials

Chocolate body wrap $150


A delicious Body wrap based on cocoa that helps to reduce contours, smooth Orange-Peel skin and eliminates stress.

A true Choco therapy with anti-cellulite effect that becomes an essential source of beauty and well-being.

Cocoa induces the production in the body of endorphins, substances that are capable of activating the natural process of fat elimination. Furthermore, these molecules, known as “Happiness Molecules”, stimulate the senses, release tension and produces well-being.

In the form of a smooth, creamy and warm cocoa wrap, Deluxe Chocolate cares for the silhouette, caresses the skin and allows to work against stress, providing delicious sensations of great pleasure.

Wine & Chocolate ME TIME facial $130


Start with a creamy coconut milk cleanser and get whipped into softness with a sugar polish. A Rich Dark Chocolate CoQ10 enzyme mask will fight free radical damage and leave a smooth surface behind. Finish with a super-antioxidant wine down & peptide crow catcher Serum for fine lines.

Couples Massage


Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different massage therapists. Valentine’s Day couples massage is a wonderful way for couples to share Valentine’s Day as a gift for each other. Support one another through loving receptive touch, using a selective blend of organic aroma oils. Valentine’s Day couple’s massage contributes to more vibrancy and serenity in our work, play, sleep, and sexuality.

You and your partner will enjoy a blissful hour of sensual couples massage in a private candle light room for a healthy body and soul at Spa Noa. A relaxing aromatherapy couples massage strokes are used to loosen tired muscles, relax the body and bring peace to the mind.

Valentine’s Day couples massage, sensual touch promotes more vibrancy and softness in our life. Valentine’s Day couple massage, can renew you as a couple and revitalize intimacy within the relationship.

Valentine’s Day gift certificates are wonderful way of giving a Valentine’s Couples massage as a present to your loved ones.

Couples Pedicure


Fall in love with our Valentine’s Day couples pedicure. This special pedicure begins with a moisturizing footbath containing a scoop of Champagne and Rose mineral both. Next, your feet will be cleansed and exfoliated with Champagne and Rose scrub, followed by a delightful mask wrapping warm towels on your lower legs and feet. We will end with a moisturizing Champagne and Rose butter cream and massage. Served with a large glass of champagne and a box of chocolate. Come and celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your husband, wife, mom, sisters, girlfriend or boyfriend.

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